Kelowna, Canada

Hey Kelowna! Craving the irresistible aroma of freshly baked goodies without stepping out? We've got you covered at Atome Bakery! Picture this: warm bread straight from the oven, delectable sourdough bread and pastries —all delivered frozen, ready-to-bake right to your doorsteps, ​​amidst the stunning backdrop of Kelowna's picturesque landscapes. From lazy Sunday mornings overlooking the vineyards to bustling weekdays in the city center, let Atome Bakery be your go-to for delightful treats, at the reach of your own freezer. Ordering is a breeze—just hop online, pick your favorites, and we'll handle the rest. Because here at Atome Bakery, we believe that everyone deserves a taste of happiness, delivered with love. So why wait? Treat yourself today and experience the joy of bakery-fresh delights, delivered straight to you, right here in beautiful Kelowna!

Artisan sourdough bread & pastries

Ready-to-bake, frozen proofed

100% sourdough bread

Slow-fermented, gluten-friendly option

Delivered to your door

No need to leave your PJs for fresh bread anymore!