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Ready-to-bake sourdough bread & pastries

Build Your Box ★ 4.9/5

Freshly baked at home

Croissants like out of an artisan bakery

Build Your Box ★ 4.9/5

How it works

Grab your bread or pastry in the freezer

Bake in your custom pan following the instructions for this product

Enjoy a fresh baked good like if it was just out of a bakery!




About our bread

Artisan online bakery

It takes us between 2 and 3 days to prepare a batch of bread. There are tons of critical steps too often skipped in the industrial process. We took care of that part, you only have to bake it!

3 core ingredients

It is crucial for us to use only the core ingredients that are needed in bread: Flours, water and salt. This is the base of all our breads!

100% natural sourdough = make peace with gluten!

Sub text: No industrial yeast in our breads. 100% sourdough and slow fermented, get all the sourdough benefits: gut health, easier to digest, amazing flavor… Sourdough is the ally you needed to be friend with gluten again!

A subscription without commitment

Choose your favourite bread and pastries

Customize the content, frequency and size!

Control your plan

Next delivery, next charge, etc. You will always get notified in advance!

No commitment

You can skip, cancel and modify your plan in your customer portal


Real customers, real experience, really doughlicious

I ordered from Atome Bakery on a whim, as bread is not really something I eat a lot of. UNTIL I had Atome Bakery bread. Love the convenience, but even more, I LOVE their sourdough bread…and their Leige waffles….and croissants…

Stephen B

So easy to make it perfect, and sourdough is great even for my gluten intolerant partner

Sylvie S

We love the Atome Bakery Brioche. It is second only to my Mother’s without any hassle. I highly recommend it!

Michael D

Wonderful sourdough bread. Simple freezer-to-oven baking. Great owners with excellent customer service

Zarah J

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