Croissant bites box

Filled with treats for the people you care about! 48 mini chocolate croissants and mini croissants make this box perfect for a family lunch or a birthday celebration. Everyone will enjoy these pure butter French pastries, easy to bake and ready in 20 minutes! Brunch lovers will be thrilled.

For bigger parties, you can order 80 pieces. This is the ideal choice to delight your friends or colleagues with French pastries. All conveniently packed in an ultra-practical and irresistible box!

Size: Regular (48 pieces)
Sale price$98.00

What you get with Atome Bakery ?

Artisan sourdough bread & pastries

Ready-to-bake, frozen proofed

100% sourdough bread

Slow-fermented, gluten-friendly option

Delivered to your door

No need to leave your PJs for fresh bread anymore!