Once upon a time, in a land far away (well, actually, in France), a passionate bread lover named Lucas embarked on a life-changing journey. He packed his bags, bid adieu to his familiar surroundings, and set off for the vibrant city of Vancouver. Little did he know that this leap of faith would not only change his life but also create a ripple of delicious inspiration for bread enthusiasts near and far.

Lucas was no stranger to the joys of bread. In France, it was a way of life. From the crackling crust to the pillowy crumb, each slice was a taste of tradition and a testament to the centuries-old art of bread-making. But upon arriving in Vancouver, Lucas couldn't help but notice that something was missing—the true essence of French bread.

As he scoured the local bakeries and supermarket shelves, Lucas found bread that fell short of his expectations. It was laden with unnecessary additives like sugar, oil, and preservatives, compromising both the taste and the health benefits. Determined to bring the authentic flavors of his homeland to the newfound city he called home, Lucas embarked on a mission to create the perfect loaf.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into years as Lucas tirelessly experimented with recipes, honed his techniques, and perfected his sourdough starters. The kitchen became his sanctuary, the warm scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the air, filling his heart with a sense of joy and accomplishment.

But as much as Lucas loved the process, he couldn't ignore the reality that making bread every day was not the most convenient option. The demands of time and the desire to share his creations with a wider audience led him on a quest for a solution. And that's when the magic happened—Peak Bakery's idea started to grow.

Enter Alice, Lucas's partner and the driving force behind Peak Bakery's success. With a shared passion for French cuisine and an unwavering belief in Lucas's bread-making, Alice became his taste tester, sounding board, and relentless motivator. Together, they formed a dynamic duo, combining their talents and dedication to redefine the bread experience for Vancouverites first, then BC and all Canadians.

They discovered a unique method that would allow him to freeze the dough after the final proofing, preserving its freshness and flavor. Vacuum-sealing the dough protected it from freezer burns, ensuring that every loaf would emerge from the oven with the same love and care as if it were baked on the spot.

To recreate the unmistakable texture and crust of a traditional French baguette, Lucas and Alice introduced the Peak Pan. This utensil replicated the effects of a deck/steam oven, adding a touch of magic to every batch. The result? A light crumb that whispered with delight and a golden, crispy crust that begged to be savored.

With the creation of Peak Bakery, Lucas and Alice poured their passion for French food and baking into every loaf. Together, they expanded their offerings to include more French delights like brioche, multigrain baguettes, loaves, and a promise of more to come—croissants, baguette viennoises, and fougasse, just to name a few.

Their dream was to bring the experience of having a French baker in your own freezer, allowing everyone to enjoy the magic of artisanal bread without sacrificing convenience. With healthy recipes, 100% sourdough, and a commitment to long cold fermentation, every loaf from Peak Bakery carried the essence of France and the warmth of their dedication.

Today, Peak Bakery stands as a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and the pursuit of a dream. It's a story of bringing people together through the simple pleasure of breaking bread, inspiring taste buds and igniting a love for quality, handcrafted baked goods.

So, join the Peak Family!

Lucas, Alice, Christian (Our bubbly sourdough) & Zoa (our fluffy mascot)

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